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Virtual ReScan (VRS):VirtualReScan
An electronic checkpoint for scanned images

  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate rescanning
  • Produce perfect images, first time, every time
  • Ensure perfect images & improved recognition

With dozens of VRS ready scanners available today (Fujitsu, Canon & Kodak), any business operating in todays digital age with a document imaging solution cannot afford to be without VRS. It's like having a quality control team review every document as it is scanned!

Simply place all your documents (regardless of size, colour and orientation) into the automatic document feeder, press the scan button and away you go. No need to set paper sizes; VRS detects the exact size of each document, even in mixed batches. VRS also automatically detects any paper jams, folded corners, or other equipment conflicts and alerts the user. Scanning resumes automatically once the problem is resolved.

Original scanned image
Scanned with & without VRS

Compatible with all leading scanning applications, VRS creates better quality images by working with the scanned grayscale image, instead of the bitonal image. VRS utilizes the 256 shades of a grayscale image to analyze and determine the optimum settings for each document. VRS then converts this image into a small,
perfectly readable black and white image (removing any colours, shaded backgrounds or other elements difficult for a bitonal scanner to translate into crisp, clean, black and white images). Thus VRS gives you the best of two worlds – highest quality black and white images with small file sizes.

For high volume scanning environments, a VRS solution assisted by a Kofax Adrenaline board will provide the horsepower and image processing speed to drive the scanner operations at over 30 pages per minute.

It's like having a quality control team review every document as it is scanned!

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