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Upgradeable CD-R/DVD-R Optical Storage

The NSM3000U, NSM4000U & NSM7000U models are next-generation CD-R and DVD-R libraries that can adapt to changing storage requirements. Upgrade models come with the same features and functionality as the rest of the NSM Disc libraries including Intelligent Pack Technology, for offline data management, and optional flipper for double-sided DVD media.

Scale Your Storage Capacity by 4x

  • Field Upgradeable Media Slots
  • Grow Within the Existing Jukebox Chassis
  • Capacity Doubler (Flipper) for Double Sided Media (Currently 9.4Gb Per Disc)
  • Removable Media Packs - Offline Pack Management

Modular Design Architecture

Allows for scalable drive and media slot counts, giving users up to a maximum of 6.5 Terabyte capacity per jukebox.

Software Support

A Network Attach Storage (NAS) unit is available as an option.

Software is available for all major network environments.

Multiple CD / DVD Technologies

Available with any combination of the following internal drives:

  • CD-R and CD-ROM
  • DVD-R and DVD-ROM

Capacity Doubler

The optional Capacity Doubler module allows NSM Series libraries to use double-sided media and can be added to existing customer units as a cost-effective way to increase storage capacity. Also available as a field upgrade.


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