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Rimage Endeavor

The latest addition to the Rimage Producer II Family of CD-R and DVD-R publishing solutions. The Endeavor™ is designed specifically for front offices and environments where disc volume is low, but requirements are high-end. This ideal solution combines the best of the Producer II publishers with original new features such as the 5-disc collator for sorting individual jobs, 75-disc output bin for short run duplication and an easy front-loading 50-disc input holder.

    • Collate or Duplicate, you decide!
    • Exceptionally Small Footprint
    • Easy Front Loading 50-Disc Input Holder
    • Everest II Label Printing Technology
    • Rimage Power, Compact Solution - Endeavor!


Recognizing that, though offices may have certain high-level requirements, they would also have specialized needs. In it's design, the Endeavor includes features specific for the office market, including:

  • A remarkably small footprint - its width a mere 23cm - because office space is valuable.
  • Flexibility - users can collate (for individual and custom jobs) or duplicate (for short runs of exact copies), according to the needs of their job.
  • A 5-tray disc collator sorts and organizes individual jobs, and a 75-disc output bin handles short run duplication.
  • Easy front-loading 50-disc input holder. Attaches directly to your PC to form a complete solution.
  • The high level of reliability - expected of all Rimage solutions...

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