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Reduce your paper overload!

How much time is lost while your employees search for paper documents?

Up to 80% of a companies valuable data still remains in an unstructured paper format. In today's electronic world it makes sense to convert this information into searchable, editable, usable data. After all, a companies most valuable asset is it's data!

Why scan your paper documents?Archive Boxes full of Paper Documents

  • Backup important "paper only" documents
    • once scanned the electronic image never deteriorates in quality - whilst it's paper counterpart may be misfiled, lost, even destroyed
  • Reduce document retrieval time
    • no more sifting through thousands of pages in filing cabinets and archive boxes quickly & easily locate an electronic document from the desktop in a matter of seconds
  • Reduce storage costs & space
    • approximately 10,000 A4 pages will fit onto a single CD-ROM
    • a full 2 drawer filing cabinet would span a mere 2-3 CDs
  • Eliminate the need to photocopy
    • a document can be reproduced in full by printing directly from the electronic file
    • all document layout & formatting (pictures, tables, fonts) retained
  • Easily share information
    • documents can be distributed via email, across the local network, even across the Internet
  • Legally binding documents
    • create legally binding documents that cannot be edited

What document types can be scanned & converted to electronic files?

Virtually any paper document can be scanned and converted to a variety of electronic file formats (depending on the requirements)

  • Client files; any client correspondence such as letters, requests, cheques
  • User manuals; software or hardware manuals, instruction manuals
  • Employee data; resumes, letters, forms
  • Company files; tax documents, forms, invoices
  • Archived paper records; any files taking up valuable space & costing money to store
  • Any "paper only" documents; these documents need to be backed up


With a long history in the industry our experienced consultants can assist with all your document imaging requirements. Let our qualified team determine the best method for storage and retrieval of your unstructured company data. We'll take care of the entire process and keep you up-to-date along the way.

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