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CD Duplication & ProductionRimage Robotics & Printer

Need to backup important data?
Distribute information to customers or employees?
  • Presentations
  • Product data sheets
  • Catalogues & price lists
  • Training videos
  • Interactive CD-ROMs

If so, then our CD duplication & production service is for you

  • Low-cost per disc
  • Fast & reliable turnaround
  • Support for all current CD formats
  • Print text & graphics onto the disc surface in colour


Rimage Printed CDRimage Perfect ImageWe set-up and take care of the entire job from start to finish, supplying the blank media with jewel cases or plastic slips.

Utilising the latest generation of CD-R drives our disc duplication & production service is not only fast, but also cost effective and reliable.

We cater for both small & large scale duplication jobs. Whether you have a small run of 50 discs or less, right up to large jobs of over 500 discs, we can help

CD/DVD Storage DevicesNSM Modular Series Jukeboxes

  • Efficient data retrieval
  • Combine any of the optical formats
  • Storage capacities from 40Gb up to 5.2Tb
  • High speed, reliability and proven dependability

Once your data is secured on optical media you will need a device that allows you to access the information. A network attached Jukebox adds huge amounts of storage to the existing network and anyone with network access can view the data. The pre-configured NAS Jukebox includes a fully integrated Windows NT server and provides fast data access and high data throughput.

Using DVD-RAM media enables simple drag & drop to add files to a disc - no pre-mastering of the data is required.

Choose between secure "read only" formats, or re-writable technology to allow a disc to be written to many times. Using the new DVD-RAM media enables a simple drag & drop to add files to a disc - no pre-mastering of the data is required

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