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IMR - Information Management ResearchAccess important business documents anywhere, anytime!

Imagine access to all your business documents from anywhere, at any time, with just a PC and web access.

  • Do you waste time searching thousands of documents stored in archive boxes off-site (including travel)?
  • Spending a small fortune to manage external storage/warehousing ?Alchemy
  • Would you like the ability to easily retrieve documents right from your desktop PC?
  • Do you want to eliminate the need for off site document storage all together?

Alchemy Web allows Alchemy customers to publish their repositories to the Web. Users are able to search, store and share documents via email within a secure environment. Critical business data can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Administrators can customize access to single or multiple databases for employees and customers, ultimately driving more sales, providing better customer service and lowering IT support costs.

Alchemy Web is one of the first document applications delivered which natively supports XML. Designed from the ground-up around Microsoft's new enterprise computing framework .NET allows an unprecedented amount of flexibility and application power for the most demanding customer.

Screenshot - Windows based fully searchable database

It's never been easier to store, access and utilize your unstructured data!

  • Build a secure location or repository to store all your data
  • Drag and drop file capture
  • Simple indexing and organization of your data
  • Powerful search features to quickly find and retrieve your information
  • Open and view your files from the search screen
  • Distribute searchable CD/DVD copies to share the data

Alchemy Web provides a compelling ROI. It is simple to use, easy to setup and configure, so that users are more productive, more quickly. See how small companies and large corporations, utilise Alchemy software for secure archival, lightning fast retrieval, and 24x7x365 Web access to precious business information.

Connect your employees with the information they need - anytime, anywhere!

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