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  • As much as 70-80% of company data on networks is inactive
  • Inactive data must remain accessible for years
  • Random access to all data is necessary
  • Limited time for backup with 7x24 operation

NSM 4Stor JukeboxThe new NSM DISC 2000 4Stor is a multi function data management system designed to provide 4 types of information managment tools in a single Office Automation Device. Utilising an NSM DISC 2000 CD/DVD storage device with an integrated hard drive, in combination with an advanced package of software, 4Stor is a cost effective way for small businesses and workgroups to manage their data in a centralised and organised way. This single unit provides up to 423Gb of network storage and fulfills these 4 data managment needs:

  • Secondary Storage & Backup
  • Data Archiving
  • CD Duplication
  • CD/DVD Library

Secondary Storage & Backup


Incorporating reliable DVD-RAM technology enables inactive data to be moved to NearLine storage - providing better reliability and scaleability than online RAID systems and at a fraction of the total cost.

Includes thirty 4.7Gb pieces of DVD-RAM media offering access to 140 Gb of data storage. Data capacity is virtually unlimited with DISC's unique intelligent pack technology. Included software allows each DVD to appear as a logical disc in the file system. Discs may also be grouped into subfolders to simplify management.

The StorEasy client backup software is also included. This application allows the system administrator to assign DVD media as target devices for client backup of files. Clients can schedule automatic sessions where important.

Data Archiving


Reliable CD-R technology meets the legal requirements of long-term storage of electronic records. An integrated CD-R drive allows for automatic archival of data onto WORM media, which is supported by industry standards.

Customers with a need for document and image management, legal, medical records, banking, finance transaction records, E-mail, Internet and Intranet data can all use NSM 4STORE to meet their archival requirements.

CD Duplication


4STOR offers the ability to automatically copy CDs. The included software allows newtwork clients to submit "jobs" for producing and duplicating CDs, and one or more copies can be produced. DISC's intelligent Pack Technology allows easy import of blank media and the mailslot makes exporting finished CDs fast and easy.

CD/DVD Library


With 4STOR you can store and access published CD or DVD discs and provide network clients with simple drive letter access to their data. Software, photographic data, patent and legal records, product information, artwork and corporate data archives can be secure and shared. In addition the most frequently used CDs can be stored on the internal hard disk, like in a Tower system, delivering fastest access. The NSM2000 library can hold up to 105 pieces of media. An additional 50 virtual slots can be utilised by using the tower feature. The Jukebox Manager Software makes organising and managing the discs fast and easy.

A simple solution for a complex data problem

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